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Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display

MEDI+SIGN digital patient room whiteboard display replaces traditional dry-erase boards in hospital patient rooms.

This patient and family facing digital solution solves many problems that can arise with the traditional whiteboard. Information is continuously updated as providers revise the patient’s electronic health records (EHRs), healthcare acronyms are translated for easy patient understanding, handwriting is no longer up for interpretation and healthcare providers no longer need to take the added step of updating the whiteboard.

Unlike many other available healthcare technologies, the focus of MEDI+SIGN’s connected health platform is both patient and provider-centric. This unleashes even more opportunities for hospitals and healthcare providers to successfully create operational and workflow efficiencies across administrative, clinical and informatics teams. Additionally, digital patient room whiteboards have the potential to deliver a full return on investment to healthcare providers by improving their performance on the HCAHPS survey and their overall star rating, including Core Measure and Joint Commission compliance and improved efficiencies.

Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display

Continuously Updated Information

MEDI+SIGN patient room display connects to existing electronic health records (EHRs) to communicate continuously updated and accurate information on the status of each patient, without additional time or effort from nurses or the care team. Everything you would find on a traditional whiteboard and more is displayed using MEDI+SIGN. From the care team’s pictures to the patient’s mobility status and plan for the day, everything is in an easy-to-read format for the patient and their family.

Anti-Fall™ Technology

When paired with Anti-Fall™ technology and smart hospital beds, the MEDI+SIGN in-room display can alert the care team of unsafe conditions. Patent-pending algorithms can detect the patient’s fall risk and determine if the bed is in its safest condition. If an issue arises—the bed alarm isn’t set when it should be, bed brake isn’t set properly, the bed rail is down or the bed height needs to be adjusted—a visual alert will show on all connected MEDI+SIGN displays.

Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display

Seamless Integration

MEDI+SIGN can be customized to match your hospital’s existing aesthetics, including decorative wraps available for pediatric units, and the display can be automatically translated to the language of choice for the patient upon admission. The display’s backlighting automatically adjusts depending on the light in the room using Smart Sensors, in order to dim while the patient is sleeping or resting. This contributes to a seamless integration into your hospital and provides a comfortable atmosphere for the patient.

MEDI+SIGN Customization

The information displayed on the MEDI+SIGN solutions can be customized for each hospital organization and for the unit in which it will be used. Each information block is simply a ‘widget’ that can be moved, added or taken away from the display. Widgets are available for care team identification, clinical information, coordination and play of care and notes, as well as patient safety information, including fall risk, mobility, pain level and pain trend. More widgets are available upon request and can be customized for use in the emergency department, physical therapy and pediatrics. Enclosures are ADA compliant and can be matched to the hospital’s current furniture.

Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display
Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display
Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display
Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display

Multiple Languages

In order to improve the care of non-English speaking patients, MEDI+SIGN has the ability to automatically update the whiteboard information based on the patient’s preferred written and spoken language in the EHR. Available languages include: English, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Slovak and Polish. Coming soon: Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, French, French Creole, Italian, Ukrainian, Amharic, Zulu, Swahili, Korean, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Nynorsk, Turkish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Greek, Gujarati, Bengali, Armenian, Hebrew, Telugu, Hmong.

Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display Multi Language Capabilites


Communication errors contribute to 65% of reported sentinel events.

Patient Whiteboards as a Communication Tool in the Hospital Setting: A Survey of Practices and Recommendations


80% of nurses, house staff and attending physicians agree that whiteboards play a role in improving patient care, teamwork and communication.

Patient Whiteboards as a Communication Tool in the Hospital Setting: A Survey of Practices and Recommendations

Falls are the third most common cause of unintentional injury death across all age groups.

An Assessment of Falls in Patients’ Rooms and Methods of Prevention

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