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Digital Exam Room Whiteboards for Emergency Departments

Digital exam room whiteboards enhance the patient experience and communication in the Emergency Room.

MEDI+SIGN Emergency Department (ED) solution uses an electronic patient whiteboard in each examination room. The display automatically pulls important information about each patient’s care directly from the hospital’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) and communicates it to patients and their families.

Small Form Factor for Emergency Departments

Housed in a smaller package to fit in the tight space of the Emergency Department examination room, and with a critical pallet of information available to the patient, the digital exam room whiteboard solution is engineered to be most effective for information needed during the short period of time the patient will be in the examination room.

Patient Information in Real-Time

The simplified information and alerts are presented to patients in real-time and include their care team with pictures, role and name, diet, patient location, discharge status, average test time, radiology tests ordered, average lab time, and lab status. Special messages also appear when staff are paged to respond to an alert, notifying the patient that the staff are busy with another patient.

Top-Of-Class Features for the Busy Exam Room

Additional features include automatic dimming for patients who require dim lighting in the exam room, custom furniture-grade enclosures that are made to match the aesthetics of the exam room and a psychiatric room model that features a low profile enclosure and protective lexan face that adheres to best practices for psychiatric patient safety.


Communication errors contribute to 65% of reported sentinel events.

Patient Whiteboards as a Communication Tool in the Hospital Setting: A Survey of Practices and Recommendations


80% of nurses, house staff and attending physicians agree that whiteboards play a role in improving patient care, teamwork and communication.

Patient Whiteboards as a Communication Tool in the Hospital Setting: A Survey of Practices and Recommendations

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