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A Preventative Approach to Healthcare.

MEDI+SIGN is a connected health platform with Digital Patient Whiteboard Solutions that are designed to improve satisfaction and coordination of care.
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Pain Control


Easy to Read Mobility

Clearly Defined Fall Risk

Morse Scale



Automated Workflow

Nurse Bell Reduction

As Accurate as Your EHR

Up-To-The-Minute Accuracy


Increase in HCAHPS Scores – Harnessing the power of the simple whiteboard

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No Training Required Means No Added Workflow

Digital Patient Whiteboard Room Display

Digital Patient Room Whiteboard Display

MEDI+SIGN patient room whiteboards replace traditional dry-erase boards in hospital patient rooms. With information that is up-to-the-minute accurate, the patients, their families and staff can benefit from knowing their pain-level, mobility status, fall risk, plan for the day and much more. The patient does not need to learn how to use complicated keyboards or user interfaces and the nurses do not need to learn new software. Simply document into the EHR and MEDI+SIGN does the rest.

Customizable for Your Organization or Individual Unit Initiatives

Digital Patient Room Door Display

MEDI+SIGN digital door displays alert physicians, nurses and other hospital staff of important information prior to entering each patient’s room. Up-to-the-minute accurate information, including Isolations, nurse assignments, dietary restrictions and other alerts make using the door display as intuitive as looking at a clock. Electronic Patient Room Door Displays are ADA compliant, can be made to match the hospitals aesthetics and come standard with tactile room identifications and international braille.

Digital Patient Room Door Display

Fostering an Environment of Safety and Healing

Digital Nurse Station Monitoring Display

Digital Nurse Station Monitoring Display

MEDI+SIGN digital displays for nurses’ stations update the care team on round and pain medication schedules, as well as the patient’s pain level and pain level trend. At a glance, staff can see all safety conflicts in the patient room with Anti-Fall™ technology.

Critical Information and Alerts in Real-Time

Digital Exam Room Whiteboards for Emergency Departments

MEDI+SIGN digital exam room whiteboards for Emergency Departments bring critical information and alerts in real time to patients in emergency exam rooms. Housed in a smaller package to better fit the tight spaces in these rooms, MEDI+SIGN’s digital exam room whiteboard solution is engineered to be most effective for information needed during the short period of time the patient will be in the Emergency Department.

Digital Patient Exam Room Displays

A Preventative Approach to Healthcare

Anti-Fall Technology

Anti-Fall™ Technology

When paired with smart hospital beds, MEDI+SIGN can help reduce the frequency of patient falls in hospitals. With patent-pending algorithms, MEDI+SIGN can determine the fall risk of the patient, check the condition of the bed and display any safety conflicts to all of the MEDI+SIGN display solutions.

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