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Van Wert Health, a 84,000 square-foot hospital expansion in Van Wert, Ohio, includes MEDI+SIGN® solutions that proved from day one as an invaluable tool to improve patient safety, communication, and satisfaction.

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February 17, 2021 — Recognized by Solutient as a 100 Top Hospital, Van Wert Health provides exceptional service to patients, families, physicians, communities and fellow employees. Including MEDI+SIGN in the current expansion demonstrates the commitment of Van Wert Health to enhanced communication, service, and collaboration. By focusing on the patient experience and fall prevention with the implementation of MEDI+SIGN, Van Wert Health shows their dedication to excellence in healthcare.

MEDI+SIGN Digital Whiteboards located on the footwall of every patient room give patients and their families an effortless view of key information, all while requiring no additional workflow for the nursing staff.

“Patients are at the center of everything we do, and improving the level of care we provide is fundamental to our mission to be the best community hospital. This is why we are excited to adopt MEDI+SIGN in our expansion. With MEDI+SIGN, patients, their families, and hospital staff have access to critical information. This information allows all parties to be involved in care at a more immediate and deeper level,”

Jim Pope, CEO of Van Wert Health.

The implementation of MEDI+SIGN at Van Wert Health includes digital patient room whiteboards, digital hallway door displays, and digital nurse station monitoring displays. In collaboration with the Ohio State University, MEDI+SIGN is fully integrated with Van Wert’s electronic medical record (EMR), and displays real-time data to clinicians, patients, and their families. The three-part MEDI+SIGN solution offers focused communication enhancements while substantially reducing staff workload. 

With MEDI+SIGN, Van Wert Health supports its core values: 

  • Dignity: Hospital staff stay informed at the point of care and can provide a higher level of compassion. The unique patient-facing features of MEDI+SIGN allow patients and family members to be involved in the care plan. 
  • Service: With health information readily accessible to hospital staff, Van Wert Health delivers an enhanced level of service. 
  • Collaboration: Synced with the hospital’s processes and methodologies, and accessible to all immediate hospital staff, MEDI+SIGN bolsters the collaborative workflow at Van Wert Health.
  • Excellence: Displaying information directly from the EMR elevates the practitioner diagnosis and objective patient data, resulting in an improved environment of quality and accountability. 
  • Stewardship: MEDI+SIGN responsibly and productively utilizes the power of the EMR, resulting in an improved patient experience. 
  • Respect: Family members, supportive friends, and the patient are vital to a healing outcome. With an appreciation of all stakeholders, MEDI+SIGN facilitates an informed collaboration of all those involved in the care process.

“Van Wert Health believes in the power of service, collaboration, and excellence. With MEDI+SIGN, staff and patients are kept informed and patients are kept safe, which delivers an improved level of care. The statistics we are seeing around patient safety already are extremely impressive by any standard,”

David Linetsky, Founder/CEO of MEDI+SIGN 

An alliance between the value-added partner, Torrence Sound and MEDI+SIGN made the implementation of MEDI+SIGN at Van Wert Health possible. With nearly 100 years of experience in technology solutions, Torrence Sound brings deep knowledge of the value of communications in the hospital setting. 

“We are thrilled to partner with MEDI+SIGN and Van Wert Health to deliver accurate and timely communication tools that improve the patient experience without requiring additional work from staff,”

Paul Taylor, President of Torrence Sound. 

About Van Wert Health 

Van Wert Health is a community hospital serving Van Wert County, Ohio. The mission of Van Wert Health is to be the best community hospital. The vision of Van Wert Health is to be the first choice for healthcare within our region. Our values include dignity, service, collaboration, excellence, stewardship, and respect. The Van Wert Health specialties are Acute Care, Cardio Pulmonary Services, Coumadin Clinic, Emergency Services, Laboratory, Medical Imaging, Obstetrics, Outpatient Injections and Infusions, Pain Management Center, Pediatrics, Pulmonary Clinic, Therapy: Physical, Occupational and Speech, Sleep Center, Specialty Clinic, Surgical Services, Van Wert Health Physician Group, and Van Wert Health North. To learn more about Van Wert Health, visit

About Torrence Sound 

Torrence Sound provides the Greater Northwestern Ohio Region’s healthcare centers and hospitals with professionally designed healthcare communications systems, door security, and more. The professionals at Torrence Sound are experts at designing, installing, and supporting healthcare communication systems and integrating them into healthcare information systems. Torrence Sound understands that physicians and staff in the health services business require accurate, timely communications, and information that must be delivered in a simple, intuitive procedure. The Torrence Sound healthcare communication systems do just that. A professionally designed healthcare communications system from Torrence Sound, integrated into a healthcare information system, makes such a positive impact on daily operations that physicians and staff can stay focused on caring for patients.


MEDI+SIGN is a game-changing communication tool used by hospitals that are pursuing the creation, improvement, and sustainability of their quality and safety goals. Driven and perfected by evidence-based outcomes, MEDI+SIGN deploys strategies tailored to the hospital’s specific needs and existing workflows. This unique approach allows hospitals to experience quality and safety transformations without negatively impacting the day to day workflow of staff. MEDI+SIGN is the first and only patient-facing technology in its class that requires zero effort from clinical staff while reinvesting time back to the bedside. With patient experience and complex psychology at the epicenter of this technology, patients are kept informed, satisfied and safe. Beyond patient experience, MEDI+SIGN focuses on improving HCAHPS and increasing patient safety by preventing falls as well as other sentinel events related to HAC among other CMS programs. To experience these results for yourself, visit

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