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St. Luke’s Miners Campus Emergency Department (ED) utilizes MEDI+SIGN digital exam room whiteboards to alleviate patient apprehension, strengthen staff-patient communication, and improve the patient experience.

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August 6, 2019 — MEDI+SIGN, a healthcare technology company that provides automated communication to the patient’s bedside, announces the use of digital exam room whiteboards in the St. Luke’s Miners Campus Emergency Department (ED). This most recent installation paired with the construction of the new “Zone 2” at Miners, marks the fourth consecutive rollout of MEDI+SIGN at St. Luke’s. This implementation follows 3 years of sustained positive impacts on St. Luke’s HCAHPS scores in the Med-Surg and ICU units.

With a five-star rating (the highest) from Medicare for its top scores on quality, safety, and patient satisfaction, St. Luke’s demonstrates their commitment to patient communication, advanced technology, and top quality of care. The hospital’s implementation of MEDI+SIGN in the ED utilizes evidence-based technology that augments clinical communication, benefiting patients, their families, and hospital staff. It is often difficult for patients and their families to navigate the ED process. With MEDI+SIGN, patients and families are kept informed, improving overall communication and the patient experience. 

“Beautiful display, much cleaner/nicer/more professional than a dry-erase board, can’t beat the pictures and displayed names for identifying the care team. I have seen an increase in individual’s names being provided in follow-up service calls rather than ‘the nurse’ or ‘the doctor,’” says Dr. Adam Colombo, Regional Director of Emergency Medicine. Colombo further explained that patients often see a number of providers during their visit, and prior to MEDI+SIGN it was common for doctors and physician assistants to be mistaken for nurses. This was confusing to patients because it clouded their understanding of provider roles in the care process. Colombo said that MEDI+SIGN has alleviated this apprehension, improving staff-patient communication and the patient experience.

Patients have a choice in where they receive their care, and as Schuylkill County’s highest rated hospital, St. Luke’s Miners Campus realizes this and strives to be that choice for their community. “We remain the only ED in the area with these signs, so we have something truly unique that staff and the public notice,” says Colombo.

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