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MEDI+SIGN has been prestigiously recognized as one of only 10 Most Promising Healthcare Communication Solution Providers in 2017 by Healthcare Tech Outlook.

April 17, 2017, Smithsburg, Maryland — MEDI+SIGN has been selected by Healthcare Tech Magazine as one of 10 Most Promising Healthcare Communication Solution Providers for 2017 and was featured in a special edition of the magazine, Healthcare Tech Outlook. This is an annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing healthcare communication solutions and impacting the marketplace.

During Healthcare Tech’s selection, they analyzed solution provider’s capabilities for providing technology solutions to streamline communications that are faster and use less resources, while keeping costs under control. The selection was made by a panel of healthcare CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts and the editorial board for Healthcare Tech Outlook.

“This concept of simplifying data for patients has resulted in much better communication and stretches out to other aspects of the patient’s care, including diet and fall risks,” says Andrew Hoffman, President of MEDI+SIGN. “It is important that we provide technologies that will perform a utility, help the care providers do their jobs better, and help the patients heal and have a better experience.”

MEDI+SIGN, an automated bedside communication platform, replaces traditional communication tactics including dry-erase boards used by doctors and nurses in everyday practice with digital whiteboard communications. This results in a system that allows for easy-to-use workflows, accurate information with real automation that transfers critical patient information in a way that the patient can understand in real-time. Displays are implemented inside each room. Additionally, the MEDI+SIGN system includes staff-facing displays outside of each room, and in each nurse station, providing staff accurate and easy-to-comprehend data to assist in the coordination of care.

MEDI+SIGN was developed to specifically address, protect, and enhance HCAHPS priorities; improving outcomes for healthcare providers by eliminating the need for manually completing patient room whiteboards.Positive outcomes have been experienced including increases in nurse and doctor communication scores by 11 and 9 points, respectively.

Healthcare Tech Outlook says, “What makes MEDI+SIGN standout in the healthcare technology field is its elaborate portfolio of database connectors which link directly to electronic health records, nurse call systems, and smart beds,” all without the use of middleware.

Further details about MEDI+SIGN’s patent-pending patient monitoring and digital whiteboard solutions are available in the article and on the company’s website: Questions or opportunities may be addressed through the website, or by phone (301-790-0103) and e-mail (

MEDI+SIGN provides hospital and healthcare organizations with a connected health platform that includes patient monitoring and digital whiteboard display solutions. MEDI+SIGN integrates with electronic health records and remote monitoring systems to collect and communicate updated and accurate patient health and status information to care teams and patients. MEDI+SIGN was established to leverage its proprietary visual communication technology to improve hospital and healthcare provider’s performance in patient safety and satisfaction, as well as the overall quality and delivery of healthcare. For more information, please contact us at

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