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MEDI+SIGN, a healthcare technology company that provides automated communication to the patient’s bedside, and Systems Electronics, a seasoned healthcare communications and safety systems provider, announce a strategic alliance to distribute and support MEDI+SIGN solutions.

More Coverage and More Benefits

This alliance has expanded technology integrations and dedicated support available in 54 counties in North Carolina and 48 counties in Virginia. With the addition of MEDI+SIGN to the Systems Electronics network, hospitals can capitalize on technology integrations that improve HCAHPS scores, safety, and patient experience.

“MEDI+SIGN creates a conduit for enhancing the patient experience while providing key technology that fosters safety. MEDI+SIGN adds to our robust product offering and enables Systems Electronics to further bolster communication and safety in hospitals, as well as aid providers in boosting HCAHPS scores” said Mike Strickland, President, Systems Electronics Inc.

Technology Integrations Bring More Value

For nearly 50 years Systems Electronics has been delivering technology solutions and dependable service for mission-critical organizations. MEDI+SIGN lowers the risks of falls and improves communication and the patient experience through the use of digital patient room whiteboards, digital exam room whiteboards for emergency departments, digital patient room door displays, and digital nurse station monitoring displays. Integrations with MEDI+SIGN allow healthcare providers to capitalize on safety, HCAHPS-improving, and communications capabilities. Aligned with MEDI+SIGN, Systems Electronics deepens the value of technology integrations available to hospitals and delivers experienced and dedicated support throughout the Systems Electronics network.

“Systems Electronics understands the value of communication and safety in the healthcare environment, and how effective systems can improve HCAHPS scores,” said David Linetsky, Founder/CEO of MEDI+SIGN, “It has been a pleasure to work with Systems Electronics as a partner in North Carolina and Virginia.”

For more information, contact MEDI+SIGN at: or 301-790-0103, and Systems Electronics at: or 800-342-4054.


MEDI+SIGN is a game-changing communication tool used by hospitals that are pursuing the creation, improvement, and sustainability of their quality and safety goals. Driven and perfected by evidence-based outcomes, MEDI+SIGN deploys strategies tailored to the hospital’s specific needs and existing workflows. This unique approach allows hospitals to experience quality and safety transformations without negatively impacting the day to day workflow of staff. MEDI+SIGN is the first and only patient-facing technology in its class that requires zero effort from clinical staff while reinvesting time back to the bedside. With patient experience and complex psychology at the epicenter of this technology, patients are kept informed, satisfied and safe. Beyond patient experience, MEDI+SIGN focuses on improving HCAHPS and increasing patient safety by preventing falls as well as other sentinel events related to HAC among other CMS programs. To experience these results for yourself, visit

About Systems Electronics

Working exclusively in North Carolina and Virginia, Systems Electronics provides safety, security, and communications solutions for mission-critical organizations, including healthcare providers. With focused solutions, Systems Electronics improves nurse workflow and patient safety, contributing to better HCAHPS scores. We know that your patients are your top priority, and we make sure your communications and security systems provide the best interaction and protection available. To learn more, visit us at

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